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America, It's Time For An Oil Change

September 16, 2008

It's Time For An Oil Change

Today, the House will consider the Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act, H.R. 6899. The legislation is a bold step forward, helping end our dependence on foreign oil and increase our national security. It launches a clean renewable energy future that creates new American jobs, expands domestic energy supply–including new offshore drilling, and invents and builds more efficient vehicles, buildings, homes, and infrastructure. It will lower costs to consumers and protect the interests of taxpayers. It is a comprehensive strategy, and the product of bipartisan compromise. It offers Republicans who say they want a comprehensive approach the choice to make sure Big Oil pays its fair share.

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Watch videos from the floor debate:

Chairman Markey:

Rep. Markey:
“This is a very simple debate. The Republicans are very upset that the Democrats are going to take the oil companies and make them pay taxes to the American people when they drill on the land owned by the American people…Democrats are saying America needs an oil change.”

Chairman George Miller:

Rep. Miller:
“Americans understand the problem: Our nation is addicted to oil, we're paying record prices to heat and cool their homes and drive their cars and trucks, and global warming is a real, serious and growing problem. Meanwhile, oil companies are making more money than ever before.”

Rep. Inslee:

Rep. Inslee:
“If we were having this debate in the 1800’s, some people would be arguing we need to keep whale oil. But we’re in transition – now is a chance for America to revolutionize the world of clean energy.”