May 22, 2018 Articles
Democrats would invest in teacher pay, modern classrooms, special ed and low-income schools, and pay for it all. We'd also protect collective bargaining.
May 21, 2018 Articles
Democrats are preparing to highlight allegations of corruption surrounding the Trump administration — and a legislative agenda to prevent future abuses — as they continue rolling out their party platform ahead of November’s midterm elections.
April 2, 2018 Articles
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will lead a delegation of Democrats to the Middle East beginning Saturday with stops in Israel and Jordan.

Ten House Democrats will accompany Pelosi on the trip, which will focus on "global and regional security and cooperation issues," according to her office.

March 8, 2018 Articles
This wasn’t your average dry-cleaning drop-off: On Wednesday morning, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi handed over a burgundy skirt-suit to the Smithsonian Institution — not for a steam-and-press but to become, along with the gavel she wielded as the first female speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, part of the collection of artifacts documenting women in U.S. history.
February 8, 2018 Articles
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's all-day speech broke a record for longest-continuous speech in House history. The California Democrat spoke for more than 8 hours before yielding the floor. It was the longest continuous speech since at least 1909.
February 8, 2018 Articles
WASHINGTON — Representative Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, took to the House floor at precisely 10:04 a.m. E.S.T. Wednesday, intent on speaking about the young undocumented immigrants known as “Dreamers.” More than eight hours later, she finally stopped talking. Her marathon monologue — highly unusual for the House, which has no equivalent to the filibuster in the Senate — came as Republicans are scrambling to pass legislation to keep the government open. A short-term funding bill expires on Friday.
December 22, 2017 Articles
(CNN)House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent a letter Thursday to House Speaker Paul Ryan urging him not to allow the House Russia investigation to be shut down.
November 7, 2017 Articles
WARWICK, R.I. (AP) — House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and members of Rhode Island’s congressional delegation jointly denounced the new Republican tax plan Monday in the hopes of rallying the public against it.
November 2, 2017 Articles
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) said the state's Republican members are lining up "like lemmings" to support a tax bill Democrats say will harm their constituents.
October 26, 2017 Articles
After weeks of silence, California’s 14 Republican members of Congress will have to weigh in for the first time this week on a tax plan that could hit millions of Californians.