February 1, 2017 Articles
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi blasted President Donald Trump's newly named Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch as "a very hostile appointment" and "a very bad decision, well outside the mainstream of American legal thought."

"Elections have ramifications, and here is a living, breathing example of it," Pelosi said Tuesday night during a CNN town hall moderated by Jake Tapper.

January 31, 2017 Articles
On January 20th, our nation witnessed the peaceful transfer of power with the inauguration of a new president. The next morning, America awakened to a peaceful show of power from millions of women and men across the country, and indeed across the world, in the Women's March.

Women and their families marched to show our values, our unity and our good spirit.

September 7, 2016 Articles
“Democrats and Republicans must present a united front in the face of Russia’s attempts to tamper with the will of the American people,” Ms. Pelosi wrote.
June 24, 2016 Articles
"When is it enough? That's the question House Democrats are asking"
May 31, 2016 Articles
By: Jill Tucker

With middle school graduation and summer vacation just days away, eighth-graders at San Francisco’s Children’s Day School should have been thinking about swimming pools and sleeping in.

May 28, 2016 Articles
There is no legitimate reason for this inquiry. Individuals and organizations are being unfairly targeted and placed at risk. Mr. Ryan, who took office with talk of wanting to change how the House does business, should put an end to these sordid proceedings.
April 16, 2016 Articles
“For me, like so many, the problem started with childhood poverty,” said Henderson, now 61. “I never remember having hope or vision for a brighter future."
April 7, 2016 Articles
By: Ben Chapman

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi heaped praise on Mayor de Blasio’s Pre-K for All program at a visit to a Brooklyn prekindergarten class with the Mayor and other officials Wednesday morning.

March 24, 2016 Articles
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi condemned North Carolina's newly passed law that effectively blocks LGBT anti-discrimination legislation at the local level.
March 22, 2016 Articles
As House Republicans prepare to leave for two weeks of recess without passing a budget for next year, the cost of this tax package is casting a long shadow over America’s future, threatening to crowd out essential investments for hard-working American families.