April 5, 2018 Blog
Today, President Trump heads to West Virginia in another attempt to sell the GOP tax scam – a bill that ultimately raises taxes on 86 million middle class families.
April 3, 2018 Blog
Yesterday at an event in Texas, Speaker Ryan recycled his favorite talking points about the GOP tax scam.
March 28, 2018 Blog
450: Days since the start of this Republican Congress as of March 28, 2018

234: Days the GOP House has been in session, 62 of which were pro-forma days in which the House gaveled in & out in a matter of minutes & no legislative business was completed

March 22, 2018 Blog
On the heels of Republicans’ vote to shut down the House Intel Committee’s investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal, Speaker Ryan said that Putin “does not respect democracy.”  We totally agree with that, but what’s Speaker Ryan and House Republicans’ excuse?
March 12, 2018 Blog
It’s Sunshine Week, yet there is a cloud over Trump’s White House of corruption, double-dealing and secrecy.  There’s no secret that the Trump White House is one of the most corrupt, unethical and secretive administrations America has ever seen.  From the unending revelations of Trump and his family’s conflicts of interest to widespread abuse of taxpayer funds and the constant chaos that surrounds the President and his Cabinet, the interest of the ‘forgotten man’ is no longer a  priority (was it ever?).   
March 9, 2018 Blog
Three months following the passage of the GOP Tax Scam, workers across the country are underwhelmed with the little uptick in their paychecks. Despite repeated promises from Republicans that the American people will love their tax bill’s ‘benefits,’ many Americans are actually worried (and rightfully so) that the impact of the GOP Tax Scam will mean paying more in taxes in the future.  
March 9, 2018 Blog
425: Days since the start of this Republican Congress as of March 3, 2018
March 7, 2018 Blog
The American people aren’t fools.  They know a scam when they see one. A new Gallup poll reveals the GOP tax scam remains overwhelmingly unpopular three months after passage with an approval rating of just  39%.  Even worse, Morning Consult/POLITICO found a mere 36% approve of the Republican tax bill. 
March 7, 2018 Blog
“[The tax bill] will give a much-needed lift to the economy, create jobs, promote competitiveness...” – Speaker Paul Ryan Trust us, Republicans said. The massive corporate windfall from the GOP tax scam, delivered by mortgaging the future of the American middle class, was really about jobs and wages for workers.
March 6, 2018 Blog
This week, Americans across Texas and Illinois take to the polls in the first primary of the 2018 election cycle.  Yet, U.S. National Security Administration Director Admiral Mike Rogers testified before Congress last week that Russian interference is likely to continue into 2018 and that ‘what we’ve done hasn’t been enough.’ And how has the Republican-led Congress responded?  Under Speaker Ryan's leadership: