October 24, 2018 Blog
Today, President Trump signed legislation to address our country’s opioid epidemic. 
October 17, 2018 Blog
The GOP just won’t stop.
October 2, 2018 Blog
Another day, another sign the GOP tax scam is not the “middle class relief” Republicans promised it would be.
September 28, 2018 Blog
Today, the House will vote on legislation to address our country’s opioid epidemic.  But while Republicans claim credit for this bipartisan bill before the election, their full record in this Congress tells a much different story – an all-out GOP assault on health care that would have had catastrophic effects on communities fighting opioid addiction.
September 27, 2018 Blog
AARP – a non-partisan organization that represents nearly 38 million Americans – just announced its opposition to the GOP tax scam 2.0: …we have grave concerns about H.R. 6760.
September 21, 2018 Blog
For nearly a year, the GOP has been trying to sell their tax scam for the rich as a ‘middle class miracle’… but clearly the American people are NOT buying it.  
September 19, 2018 Blog
625: Days since the start of this Republican Congress as of September 19, 2018
September 19, 2018 Blog
With the daily mayhem of the GOP White House and Congress, you may have missed that on Monday, another top Republican official blurted out the truth of the GOP plan to slash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security if they control Congress next year.  Reuters: Trump adviser eyes entitlement cuts to plug U.S. budget gaps
September 13, 2018 Blog
Even after the President’s cruel and insulting statements this morning, Speaker Ryan once again shielded the President from accountability at his weekly press conference:
September 12, 2018 Blog
As Republicans struggle to convince the American people that the GOP Tax Scam helped working families, one group of people is decidedly, giddily #BetterOffNow: