Debate on Rules for the Iraq Accountability Act

March 22, 2007
H.Res. 261, the rule providing for consideration of the U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Health and Iraq Accountability Act, has just passed, 225-201. Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY-28), Chair of the Rules Committee, opened the debate on the rule (debate on the bill itself will begin soon):

Chairwoman Slaughter:

"This is a war that is being fought by soldiers who often do not have the equipment they need or the care they are owed, that is not improving the security of the Iraqi people, that is depleting our military and endangering the security of this nation, and that is to this day based on a flawed strategy that desperately needs to be changed."

Rep. Hastings (FL-23):

"When I voted against using troops in Iraq more than four years ago, I believed then and I still believe today that this was not a war of necessity."

Rep. DeFazio (OR-04):

"This bill will end the war in Iraq. This is the first enforceable challenge to the President's plan to escalate and continue a stay-the-course, open-ended commitment to a war."

Rep. Shea-Porter (NH-01):

"Let's talk about our troops and supporting our troops -- if we were to support our troops, first of all we would take them out of a civil war. Secondly we would care for them while they were here. And third, while they were there we would make sure they had the equipment they needed. We know this administration has failed on all levels."