Energy Independence and Global Warming Agenda

March 14, 2007
Speaker Pelosi released the following statement tonight following a meeting with the Chairmen of the committees working on energy independence and global warming initiatives:

Our Committees are already working hard on hearings and legislation designed to meet our June timetable for taking crucial legislative steps to achieve energy independence and reduce activities that contribute to global warming. The Leadership is continuing to work with all of these Committees to ensure that we will have legislation that addresses renewable energy and energy efficiency.

We are going to take bold action throughout this Congress to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, stop global warming, and ensure that America is in the forefront in developing innovative technologies. These decisions are critical to our national security and to the creation of millions of jobs here in America.

We have two years in this Congress; we do not expect to achieve complete solutions to these challenges by June 1st, but the Committees will meet that deadline to report significant legislation. The American people expect action on these critical issues and these initiatives will mark a major step forward.