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November 29, 2021 Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement on the passing of former Congresswoman Carrie Meek of Florida:

November 26, 2021 Press Release
“Congresswoman Boebert’s repeated, ongoing and targeted Islamophobic comments and actions against another Member of Congress, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, are both deeply offensive and concerning.  This language and behavior are far beneath the standard of integrity, dignity and decency with which the Constitution and our constituents require that we act in the House.  We call upon Congresswoman Boebert to fully retract these comments and refrain from making similar ones going forward."
November 24, 2021 Blog

From the Speaker's Press Office:

November 24, 2021 Press Release
President Biden’s nomination of Shalanda Young as Director of the Office of Management and Budget is historic and well-deserved.
November 23, 2021 Blog
Today, newly corrected analysis from the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation refuted the latest empty attack on the Build Back Better Act from Republicans who proudly added $2 trillion to the deficit with their GOP tax scam for the rich.  While Republicans rage against cracking down on millionaire tax cheats and finally making big corporations and the wealthiest pay their fair share of taxes, the JCT’s work affirms how the Democrats’ Build Back Better Act will dramatically cut taxes for people making less than $400,000 and increase taxes on those making more than $1 million.  
November 23, 2021 Press Release
Thank you very much, Larry.  I accept your kind words on behalf of all of the House Democrats, whose courage and determination made the passage of this legislation possible.
November 22, 2021 Press Release
“As House Speaker, I congratulate Federal Reserve Chairman Powell on his nomination to lead the world’s most consequential central bank for a second term.  The House looks forward to continuing to work closely with him to build on Democrats’ progress to create good-paying jobs, lower costs for families, fight inflation and Build Back Better For The People."
November 21, 2021 Articles
On a Wednesday night in September, while President Biden backslapped in the Republican dugout during the annual congressional baseball game, Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat nearby, sober-faced and wagging her finger while speaking into her cellphone, toiling to salvage her party’s top legislative priority as it teetered on the brink of collapse.
November 20, 2021 Press Release
Happily, we enter the Thanksgiving Season in a spirit of gratitude and joy, following our passage of the Build Back Better Act!