Iraq Supplemental Markup: Opening Statements

March 15, 2007

Appropriations Chairman David Obey:

"I expect a lot of amendments today. This is a serious proposition, and I think people on all sides of these questions will be taking it seriously, and I expect this will be a very long discussion. If it continues on past the adjournment of the House, the committee will remain in session until we have completed action on the bill -- even if we have to go around the clock this evening."

Rep. John Murtha:

"A young fella came into my office. And a Member of Congress said 'we are fighting this War on Terror on the floor of the House.' I said 'we're not fighting this War on Terror on the floor of the House, we're in an air-conditioned floor, going back to our offices, going back to our homes, going about our business. They're fighting -- a very small segment of this country is fighting this War on Terror.' He said - and he was in Iraq at the time - he said 'we got up and cheered, because we know that Members of Congress are not fighting this war.'"

Rep. John Murtha

"Amputee care, they said to me one time, there are only a certain number of amputees. This is one person at a time. This is no numbers, this is families, individuals that lose their legs and arms and are hurt by this war. Each individual has to be taken care of."