"It's a New Direction"

April 16, 2007
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Harry Reid penned the following joint op-ed in yesterday's Orlando Sentinel regarding Democrats' accomplishments in the first 100 days. An excerpt on Iraq:

Democrats' Reid, Pelosi: It's a new direction

Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader Reid, Orlando Sentinel - April 15, 2007

Perhaps our most critical job is to work with the Bush administration to change course in Iraq and provide our troops with a strategy worthy of their sacrifices. Four years after Saddam's statue tumbled, those who bravely fought to capture Baghdad desperately need a post-war strategy that considers the situation on the ground.

Democrats believe we must transition the mission in Iraq to enhance America's security and more effectively fight terrorism. Congress will soon submit for President Bush's signature a plan that puts into action what the American people, bipartisan majorities in both houses and military experts have all recognized is needed: a new course that gives Iraqis the power to govern their own country and gives our troops the resources and funds they need.

Democrats in Congress want to sit down with the president to talk about the best way to both fully fund our troops and move forward in Iraq, but have been disappointed with the president's decision to avoid a serious, substantive discussion with Congress. We hope he will reconsider. Our troops abroad and our citizens at home cannot afford to remain in an Iraqi civil war when the fifth anniversary of Baghdad's fall comes next April.

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