Oversight Committee Inquires on Plame, MZM

March 26, 2007
On the disclosure of CIA Agent Valerie Plame's identity:

Committee Requests CIA Documents Related to Disclosure of CIA Agent

Citing concerns that a Senate Intelligence Committee report may be inaccurate, Chairman Waxman asks the CIA for Agency memos related to Ambassador Wilson's February 2002 trip to Niger and the subsequent disclosure of Ms.Wilson's covert status. Ms. Wilson recently testified before the Oversight Committee that the Senate report incorrectly claims that she was responsible for her husband's mission, and that the CIA official who authored related memos attempted to correct the Senate's distortions was denied the opportunity to clarify the matter.

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On White House contract with MZM:

Chairman Waxman Requests Information on White House Contract with MZM

As part of the Committee's ongoing investigation into waste, fraud, and abuse in federal contracting, the Committee has requested information on a $140,000 contract awarded by the Executive Office of the President to MZM, Inc. in July 2002.

The contract with the White House appears to have been MZM's first prime contract with the federal government. Subsequent investigations of other MZM contracts had uncovered serious irregularities. To date, there has been no examination of the circumstances surrounding the company's initial contract and the role that White House officials played in the award and execution.

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