Pelosi: In First 100 Hours, Democrats Address the Real Priorities of the American People

January 18, 2007
Press Release
Washington, D.C. - Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement this evening on the completion of House Democrats first 100-hour agenda:

'During the election campaign, House Democrats promised to take our country in a New Direction, to change the way Congress does business, and to get to work addressing the real challenges facing the American people.  All within the first 100 hours.

'Today, Democrats stood united to say that we have kept our promise to the American people.

'This evening, the House passed the last of our 100 hours bills, legislation to end taxpayer-funded subsidies for Big Oil and create a Strategic Energy and Renewables Reserve.

'With broad bipartisan support, the House passed measures restoring honesty and openness in government, re-establishing fiscal responsibility, strengthening our national security, and giving more Americans a realistic shot at the American Dream.  The new Democratic Majority is committed to real and lasting results for all Americans.

'These successes are just the beginning.  We have set a tone for the 110th Congress that is one of cooperation, consensus and compromise that extends beyond party lines.  Democrats are setting our sights beyond the first 100 hours to make America safe and strong.'

*  *  *

The House has passed the following items since January 4, the start of the 110th Congress:

  • Ethics Reform, 1/4/07, Passed 430-1 (D 232-0; R 198-1)
  • Restoring Fiscal Responsibility, 1/5/07, Passed 280-152 (D 232-0; R 48-152)

100 Hours Legislation

(Maintained an average of almost 62 Republican votes on each bill)

  • Implementing the 9/11 Commission Recommendations, 1/9/07, Passed 299-128 (D 231-0; R 68-128)
  • Increasing the Minimum Wage, 1/10/07, Passed 315-116 (D 233-0; R 82-116)
  • Expanding Stem Cell Research, 1/11/07, Passed 253-174 (D 216-16; R 37-158)
  • Requiring Negotiation for Lower Prescription Drug Costs, 1/12/07, Passed 255-170 (D 231-0; R 24-170)
  • Cutting Interest Rates on Student Loans, 1/17/07, Passed 356-71 (D 232-0; R 124-71)
  • Ending Subsidies for Big Oil and Investing in Renewable Energy, 1/18/07, (D 228-4; R 36-159)