Pelosi: House Taking First Steps on Innovation Agenda

April 24, 2007
Press Release

Washington, D.C. - This week, the House of Representatives is taking the first of many steps toward implementing a House Innovation Agenda: A Commitment to Competitiveness.  The House will vote on three bills that address educating tomorrow's workforce, our national commitment to innovative research, and providing resources for small business that power our economy.

The House will consider three bills this week that are an instrumental part of an agenda to create a sustained financial and intellectual investment in innovation, while adhering to the responsible fiscal policies of pay-as-you-go budgeting.  H.R. 362, the 10,000 Teachers, 10 Million Minds Science and Math Scholarship Act, will take critical steps to place highly qualified teachers in math, science, and technology K-12 classrooms.  H.R. 363, the Sowing the Seeds Through Science and Engineering Research Act, will increase support for long-term scientific research and encourage young scientists and researchers to pursue high-risk/high-reward research.  H.R. 1332, the Small Business Lending Improvements Act of 2007, will strengthen access to capital programs for small businesses, offering them the tools to be successful.

With the Senate also taking action on these issues this week, and President Bush having indicated support for innovation and competitiveness issues, the Innovation Agenda stands to make real and overdue progress toward a stronger America.

House Democrats began this effort nearly two years ago, going outside Washington and all across the country to meet with leaders and CEOs from many fields including academia, venture capital, and entrepreneurs from the high-tech, biotech, and telecommunications sectors who are creating the jobs of tomorrow.  Building on their expertise and advice, Democrats developed an Innovation Agenda that will help create a new generation of innovators; make a sustained federal research and development commitment that promotes private sector innovation; spur affordable access to broadband technology; achieve energy independence; and encourage entrepreneurial innovation in small businesses.