Pelosi Names Reyes as Chairman of Intelligence Committee

November 29, 2006

'Congressman Silvestre Reyes has impeccable national security credentials.  He has served our country as a soldier in combat, a senior law enforcement officer on our southern border, and in Congress as a member of the Select Intelligence, Armed Services, and Veterans\x92 Affairs Committees.  He understands how our troops rely on intelligence to do their jobs and to keep them safe and how policymakers need reliable and timely intelligence to make decisions that will advance our interests worldwide.  When tough questions are required, whether they relate to intelligence shortcomings before the 9/11 attacks or the war in Iraq, or to the quality on intelligence on Iran or North Korea, he does not hesitate to ask them.

'Congressman Reyes knows that the men and women of our intelligence community are its greatest asset and that the more diverse they are in terms of background, religion, and ethnicity, the more successful they will be against the hardest intelligence targets they will face.  The committed approach he has brought to his work on challenging issues such as Theater High Altitude Air Defense will serve him well in dealing with the unanticipated situations which regularly confront the intelligence committee.  His appreciation for the dangers inherent in the operation of secret activities in a democracy ensures that he will be a zealous protector of the civil liberties that define us as a nation.

'Congresswoman Jane Harman has served with distinction in her four years as Ranking Member of the Intelligence Committee.  She has worked tirelessly under difficult circumstances to make sure that our intelligence agencies had the resources, direction, and leadership needed to do their jobs well.  In those efforts, she has been assisted ably by the other Committee Democrats.  In particular, Congressman Alcee Hastings has brought foreign affairs expertise, deep patriotism, and dedication to the work of the Committee.  All of the Democrats who serve on the Intelligence Committee in the 109th Congress will continue to be great resources on national security matters to the Democratic Caucus, the Congress, and the country.'