Pelosi Remarks Before Meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan

April 22, 2009
Press Release

Washington, D.C. - Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a photo opportunity with King Abdullah II of Jordan at the top of their meeting in the Capitol this afternoon. Below are their remarks:

Speaker Pelosi.  Good afternoon. It is my honor and privilege to welcome King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan back to the Capitol of the United States -- and to welcome Her Majesty as well, Queen Rania.

I had the privilege as my first act as Speaker -- on my first invitation -- to extend to a Head of State, to extend to His Majesty to be the first person to address a joint session of Congress when I became Speaker.

So I think that says to you how important the relationship between our two countries is -- between Jordan and the United States -- how important the friendship is -- that Members of Congress feel toward His Majesty -- and how much we value his words of wisdom.

Since becoming His Majesty, he has visited us a number of times and we've all benefited from the insights he has given us about the region.  We're very pleased to work closely in partnership with Jordan and with His Majesty in terms of a Middle East peace and fighting terrorism.

We're very pleased with the meeting that was held with President Obama yesterday and the commitments that we've made about Middle East peace at that time in terms of working together.

And so, in the spirit of respect, friendship, and partnership, it is my pleasure to present His Majesty King Abdullah II.

King Abdullah II of Jordan. Thank you very much Madam for that very warm welcome.

We're very pleased to be back here in Washington. We have had a long association with our colleagues here on the Hill and Jordan is -- today in Washington -- working with the Administration to see how we can continue to advance peace and stability in our area.

We have a lot of work together to do in 2009 and this week is a series of meetings between myself and Administration officials and my friends here on the Hill to see how we can get the team working together so that we can launch process of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians and help the Israelis and Arabs as soon as we can.

Again, as I said yesterday, we are hoping to shoulder a lot of the responsibilities ourselves. Too many times in the past, America has been asked to do all the heavy-lifting. I hope that you will see in 2009 -- a group of Arab and Muslim countries doing as much as we can to help the United States and allies in the peace process and also deal with a lot of regional challenges that we have.

So again, thank you for the warm welcome. It's always a pleasure to work with you Madam Speaker and for all the help you've given over the years.

Speaker Pelosi.  Thank you. I appreciate that. We'll now have a joint meeting of House Democrats and Republicans of the House Leadership in addition to the meetings His Majesty has been having here with committees.

As we all know, he has many friends on Capitol Hill and we're here to have our conversation with him. Thank you.