Pelosi Statement on the Death of Molly Ivins

February 1, 2007
Press Release
Washington, D.C. - Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement on the death of Molly Ivins:


'Molly Ivins' biting commentary and fierce wit contributed mightily to the political debate in our nation.  Through her more than 40 years as both a political observer and national conscience, she exposed the low points of corruption and the high points of dedicated public service - always with good humor.

'Never wavering in her commitment to populist ideals, she was a courageous voice for peace and opportunity.  Molly Ivins faced her final battle with cancer with the optimism and dignity that has always been her signature.

'I hope it is a comfort to her family and friends that so many people share their loss and are praying for them at this sad time.'