Pelosi Statement on Ethics Committee Report on Foley Scandal

December 8, 2006
'It is deeply troubling that the Ethics Committee has found that the failure of the Members and staff responsible for the safety of the young men and young women who serve as pages is, '...not merely the exercise of poor judgment; it is a present danger to House pages and to the integrity of the institution of the House.''

'As a mother and as a leader in Congress, protecting the young people who serve as pages is a high priority. Members of Congress have a responsibility to protect their employees, especially young pages who serve this institution so well.

'For more than 150 years, young men and women from across the nation have come to Washington to serve as pages in the U.S. Capitol. The Page School is a national treasure, and the young people who attend it and work in the Congress are our special trust. We must do all we can to protect them.'