Pelosi Statement on the State Child Health Insurance Program

December 9, 2006
Press Release
'As Members of Congress, it is our duty to make every decision with America's children in mind, conscious of our responsibility to them.   That is why it was vital that this Congress fulfilled that responsibility tonight by ensuring that the State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) receives the funding necessary to avoid critical shortfalls.

'At a time when more than 8 million children in America are without health insurance and 17 states are facing SCHIP funding shortfalls - 600,000 low-income children would be at risk of losing health insurance coverage without this legislation.

'While we can take some measure of comfort that a deal has been reached, the results are less than ideal.  New additional funds should have been provided.  This stopgap measure will ensure that these children do not lose their health insurance, but is a far cry from our responsibility of providing for our nation's children.

'In the next Congress, Democrats will take America in a New Direction, making health care for our children a real priority.'