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February 9, 2021 Blog
Four days after House Republicans voted in lockstep to block COVID-19 relief aid backed by economists from both sides of the aisle, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy admitted that House Republicans are counting on a bad economy to help them politically.
February 8, 2021 Press Release
“Today, the United States House of Representatives sadly mourns the passing of Congressman Ron Wright. Representative Wright was a proud sixth-generation son of Tarrant County, who dedicated a life of public service to the people of Texas. While his tenure in the House was brief, his service will be missed."
February 7, 2021 Press Release
The world has lost a revered statesman and brilliant public servant with the passing of Secretary George Schultz. George Schultz dedicated his life to promoting a more peaceful and secure future, and his work to advance democracy worldwide leaves a powerful legacy for generations to come.
February 6, 2021 Blog
This week, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Q-CA) fully welcomed an unapologetic anti-Semitic, shooting survivor-harassing, 9/11 Truther into the House Republican Conference.
February 5, 2021 Press Release
Good day to all of you. I’m so delighted to be at the White House, and I know I can speak for all of our colleagues when I say that, to visit with President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
February 5, 2021 Blog
Earlier this week, former President Donald Trump’s legal team filed his Answer to the article of impeachment, a brief riddled with obvious falsehoods and dangerous legal theories unsupported by the Constitution or historical precedent.
February 5, 2021 Press Release
Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered remarks on the Floor of the House of Representatives in support of S.Con.Res. 5, Senate-Passed Budget Resolution, A Key Step in Enacting the Urgently-Needed Biden COVID Relief Package.
February 5, 2021 Blog
Today, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans chose partisanship over American jobs, with House Republicans voting unanimously to block critical COVID-19 relief aid backed by economists from both sides of the aisle.
February 5, 2021 Press Release
“The anemic January jobs report is proof that the tepid economic recovery is stalling out, and that Democrats’ big, bold action to defeat the coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis is urgently needed."
February 5, 2021 Press Release
As we all know, a budget is a statement of our values. Our work to crush the coronavirus and deliver relief to the American people is urgent and of the highest priority. With this budget resolution, we have taken a giant step to save lives and livelihoods.