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Rep. Patrick Murphy on Debt and Troop Pay Raises

May 22, 2007

Rep. Patrick Murphy (PA-08) speaks on President Bush’s priorities in the context of national debt and pay raises for the troops:

Rep. Murphy:
“But the fact is, is that those privates who are making $17,000 a year, those privates that are leaving their wives, their kids at home, many of whom have to survive on food stamps, those privates who saw what we did in the defense bill, who said that’s great, 3.5% pay increase, not even $1,000 more a year, a couple hundred dollars a year, the President of the United States said, private, ‘Thank you for your service to your country, but that’s too much of a pay increase.’ Mr. Speaker, I hope the people at home are watching. The President of the United States said a couple hundred dollars more a year to a private making $17,000 a year is too much.”