Six Months After Iraq Escalation, Still No End in Sight or a Clear Exit Strategy

July 10, 2007
Six months after the President escalated the war in Iraq, American troops have plunged even deeper into that country's civil war, with no end in sight or a clear exit strategy. The President wants more of the same and he refuses to acknowledge the facts on the ground -- violence remains high and political reconciliation is non-existent.

And now, according to news reports, Administration officials are acknowledging that the July 15th report by the President that was mandated by Congress will show that the Iraqis have failed to meet any of the political, security and economic benchmarks that are critical for their country's future.

Democrats will continue to hold the Bush Administration accountable by having votes in July to change course in Iraq; to responsibly redeploy our troops; and to refocus our effort on protecting Americans from terrorism. Democrats are leading the way; Republicans who are critical of the President's strategy should work in a bipartisan way and vote to change course in Iraq and bring our troops home.