September 10, 2015 Speech
"Mr. Speaker, I think today and tomorrow, the next 24 hours, is a very, very special time in the Congress of the United States. Members will be called upon to make a decision that affects our oath of office, to protect and support the Constitution and, of course, the American people."
July 22, 2015 Speech
“He was a man of great oratorical skill, of course, a legislative master. But he was also a person of great courage and a person of great principle."
July 16, 2015 Speech
"Young people have been the vanguards and visionary leaders who make progress."
July 8, 2015 Speech
" During his long life, the Dalai Lama has shown that harmony between peoples is based on freedom of expression, and the courage to speak the truth and treat others with mutual respect and dignity. "
June 19, 2015 Speech
“It is my personal pleasure, as well as official honor, to be with the mayors. Really, it’s a personal connection that I value, and I always learn when I’m with you, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson."
June 17, 2015 Speech
“It has been a great privilege for me to know such a deeply principled and exemplary human being and to call him my friend. "
June 12, 2015 Speech
"I will be voting today to slow down the Fast Track, to get a better deal for the American people – bigger paychecks, better infrastructure, help the American people fulfill the American Dream."
May 23, 2015 Speech
“On behalf of the Congress of the United States, I am proud to bring deepest congratulations to you, the San José State University Class of 2015!"
May 21, 2015 Speech
“Trafficking’s persistence is an outrage that challenges us all to greater action to fight its perpetrators and to support its victims."
May 20, 2015 Speech
“Our commitment – on our side of the aisle, I know – is to science, to research and development that creates jobs, launches entire new industries, and gives us the miraculous power to cure."