May 11, 2015 Speech
"We have to attack this problem on campus and in the Congress, and states like California and New York can create a drumbeat across America."
May 1, 2015 Speech
“I urge my colleagues to stand against this radical assault on the rights of workers and families here in D.C."
April 15, 2015 Speech
“For their service, for their valor, for awakening the indomitable spirit of our nation in the darkest hour of our need, we are proud to honor the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders with the Congressional Gold Medal."
March 26, 2015 Speech
“I'm proud to rise in support of this historic bipartisan package. It represents a bold, necessary progress for our country."
March 25, 2015 Speech
"Our House Democratic Budget works for hard-working Americans, making it easier to own a home, easier to send a child to college, easier to have a secure and enjoyable retirement. "
March 24, 2015 Speech
“We herald a long and storied career: of competition, courage, discipline, of generosity, of success."
February 27, 2015 Speech
“You’ve made a mess; you have made a mess. We have so many bills, counter bills, CR's, all the rest of it coming back, forward and all the rest, and every time I ask all of you what's happening, everybody says: ‘I don't know.’"
February 27, 2015 Speech
Give us a vote, Mr. Speaker. Give us a vote. Instead, drip, drip, drip, drip. The Republican leadership is putting forth legislation, drip, drip, drip, drip, for the resources.
February 27, 2015 Speech
“It's just not right. It's not the moral thing to do. It's not the patriotic thing to do. It doesn't honor our Founders' commitment to a democracy which calls upon an educated population."
February 12, 2015 Speech
"They're not bad policies. It's just that they're not paid-for, and they're permanent. And we should do this. But we should do it right."