February 11, 2015 Speech
"Today, the Congress proudly honors Senator Goldwater with respect, with admiration – even with affection – not only for who he was a leader, but who he was as a person."
February 4, 2015 Speech
"Only by laying a firm foundation for growth, which the President talked about in his inaugural address, based on ambitious goals for our future, can we secure and maintain a vibrant middle class."
February 3, 2015 Speech
"We have important work to do for the American people. They want us here to create jobs, want us here to protect them. We need to pass the Homeland Security bill."
January 20, 2015 Speech
“Let us find the areas in which we have common ground."
January 14, 2015 Speech
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops: "While presented as a measure that helps domestic violence victims, we fear that it actually would discourage many such victims from reporting abuse."
January 13, 2015 Speech
“The time is not right for this. The time is right for us to pass an immigration bill. The time is right for us to...reject these amendments and pass a clean Homeland Security bill."
January 12, 2015 Speech
"In word and deed, Governor Mario Cuomo challenged us to make real the American dream."
January 9, 2015 Speech
“Jonathan’s professionalism and attention to detail were unparalleled."
January 8, 2015 Speech
"The thoughts and prayers of all our Members are with the families of those who lost their lives in that terrible terrorist act, and with all the people of France."
January 6, 2015 Speech
But it's clear that the election at the polls in November demonstrated that American people are hopeful that this new Congress can work together to grow our economy and, in turn, grow paychecks for American workers. Honoring that trust, House Democrats today are putting forward a legislative package to increase paychecks for working families and put Americans back to work – building the roads and bridges our country needs – and paid for by keeping our tax dollars here at home. I talked about this a little bit earlier as I introduced the Speaker.