March 6, 2014 Speech
“I’ll just tell you one story, Mr. Speaker. When I was visiting His Holiness in India, we were greeting people coming across the mountains from Tibet, and they were describing horrible stories of what was happening to them there. So, when we had lunch with the other Lamas who had come from all over, I said: ‘Well, we really have to speak out and have to point out what the Chinese are doing there.’ And when His Holiness started to speak next, he said: ‘Nancy, we must rid you of your negative attitude.’"
March 3, 2014 Speech
"Our strategic and mutually beneficial – to both our nations – partnership will only grow stronger as we uphold our promises of cooperation for Israel’s security: preserve and advance Israel’s qualitative military edge; maintain our drive for a comprehensive lasting peace agreement; and, as was your focus Mr. Prime Minister, prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, a threat not only to Israel and the region but to the United States and the world at large. You said the threat should be contained, can be contained – it must be contained."
February 5, 2014 Speech
‘So that’s what we have to do. Here’s where we are: we’re in a situation where we have the majority of the Republican Party, which is the majority of the House, indifferent to the needs of the American people. We have to raise these issues. Like President Lincoln, he said: ‘Public sentiment is everything.’ And so we have to make sure – Walter Reuther told us that that ballot box is so important, and directly relates to the bread box of American families."
January 28, 2014 Speech
“Why don't we use the time that we have to meet the needs of the American people, to honor their priorities, to make their future better, instead of dragging us into the past? So I ask, again, our colleagues to vote against the bill so that we can take up a bill in support of extending unemployment insurance for 1.6 million Americans, instead of this radical Republican assault on women's health care rights."
January 20, 2014 Speech
“We will walk together, we are community; you have demonstrated that today. Thank you all for coming out for Dr. King. Now, let us live up to his legacy. Thank you all very much. The time is now."
January 15, 2014 Speech
“So that’s what this is about. Over 60 percent of people in the minimum wage are women – over 60 percent. We want this to be increased for everyone in our country. But we don’t recognize it affects women in a disproportionate way. And that is why we have our theme: ‘When Women Succeed, America Succeeds.’ And the first principle of that economic agenda is to increase the minimum wage."
January 7, 2014 Speech
“To cut funding or limit funding is not reducing the deficit. It’s increasing the deficit. So we all know that investment in people is what community is about. And that’s why I am so excited to be here today, certainly to support the Mayor on his leadership on this issue and all of the official family of San Francisco in every way. I think that there might be some questions for all of you, since you were very specific in your presentations. And we maybe can take a couple of questions from the press on why we’re here, why it’s important to us, and why we will succeed in not underutilizing any resources – not time, not education, not the beautiful City College of San Francisco.”
December 13, 2013 Speech
“In California, I have to say, we take some ownership of the Mandela. The whole issue, whether it was stopping investments in South Africa and the rest – Ron Dellums was the champion of this; we're proud of the role that we played in the great state of California. But it really is, again, in that same humility that is a virtue that we should all possess, that I come to this floor to even talk about such a great – we went from a village to a leader of a movement, to prison, to the presidency of South Africa."
December 12, 2013 Speech
“I can't explain it to anybody except to say it's a values decision. And apparently there aren’t enough shared values on the subject of the respect we should have for our workers to even honor the subject with a vote on the floor of the House. It's an outrageous rule to come to the floor. I thank you, Madam Chair, for fighting it. I urge a very strong ‘no’ vote on the rule. A vote ‘no’ on the Previous Question would allow us to bring – what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of the vote? Are you afraid of working people who are out of a job? What are you afraid of? Let us have a vote on the floor."
December 6, 2013 Speech
“Thank you for your leadership in addressing it globally. Because the statistics are staggering, but the problem is individual and personal. And every single person who is saved is a blessing to us. But every single person that is infected has to know that we have a direct tie to them, however global out there. It’s personal in our faith, in our hope and in our charity."