September 26, 2013 Speech
“Thank you Oracle Team USA, for putting your hearts, your souls, your everything, and your all into the 34th America’s Cup. You have earned your place in history."
September 19, 2013 Speech
“Something is very wrong with this picture. But I know one thing is for sure: every person who votes for this Republican measure is voting to hurt his or her own constituents because we all represent people who at some time need help."
September 18, 2013 Speech
“Mr. Thompson has over 180 co-sponsors in a bipartisan way of the bill. The families want and deserve a vote. I believe if the bill were brought to the floor, it would pass and it would pass in a bipartisan way. Let’s take a vote."
September 18, 2013 Speech
“We take an oath to protect and defend the American people, to restore confidence and safety by passing the background check, and we’re not giving up until we do that. We have to restore confidence in our democracy by passing campaign finance reform for government of the many, not the government of the money. And we will do that."
September 17, 2013 Speech
"I’m proud to be standing here with some of the champions of the gospel of Matthew: “When I was hungry, you fed me.” I know there is bipartisan support for that value in the Congress of the United States. That’s why I’m proud to be here with Chef Tom Colicchio, owner of Craft Restaurants and Food Policy Action founding member, with Chairwoman Marcia Fudge, the Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus but also a very influential Member of the Agriculture Committee who will be managing our side of the legislation next week when the motion is brought to the floor to cut $40 billion, 50 percent of the SNAP Program, a vital nutrition program..."
September 11, 2013 Speech
“May the story of that day always inspire us to stay true to the character of our country and our common values as Americans. May time and prayer diminish the pain and grief felt by those who lost loved ones, even as time will never dim the memories of those who perished. And we always pray that God may always continue to bless the United States of America.”
September 10, 2013 Speech
“So, half-a-century later, from the tragedy of losing the little girls, we only hope that the senseless and premature deaths of these four little girls still ignite the fires of progress and fan the flames of freedom. We only hope that we can have the strength and wisdom to live up to their legacies as we award them, tearfully, the highest honor that Congress can bestow: the Congressional Gold Medal. I don’t remember us ever giving this medal to anyone so young, even adding all of their ages together, so young..."
August 14, 2013 Speech
‘“Blue. Gold. Bold. Powerful Together.’ That is UFCW’s mantra. That is our rallying cry. That is how we will ensure that the labor movement is an ever stronger force that transforms misery into hope and despair into progress. Together, we will use our power to keep the UFCW and American labor where it has always stood: at the forefront of growth, prosperity, and fairness for the American people."
August 2, 2013 Speech
“If we don’t, and we shut down government as some on the Republican side have said: ‘Unless we repeal the Affordable Care Act, we’re going to shut down government.’ What does that mean to you? It means to you that your 401k’s success is in jeopardy. It means that if you have mortgage interest payments, you probably pay more. Your credit card bills will probably go up because of the increase in interest. It’s just not right for what it does."
July 31, 2013 Speech
“So, some of us will be in New Orleans for her service tomorrow. All of us send our – by mourning and our prayers to their family. I hope it’s a comfort to them that so many people loved Lindy Boggs and share their grief and are praying for them at this time. With that Mr. Speaker, I yield back. Thank you.”