March 9, 2009 Speech
“Last year, I was proud to lead a congressional delegation to India where we were able to meet with His Holiness in Dharamsala, India. This visit - by coincidence or karma - occurred after the protests that swept across the Tibetan plateau and the subsequent crackdown by Chinese authorities."
March 9, 2009 Speech
“Today, I am proud to be joined by Majority Leader Hoyer, who will be with us momentarily, Congressman John Carter, Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Congressman Dave Reichert, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, Congressman Chris Carney, VA Undersecretary Admiral Patrick Dunne, CAO Dan Beard; and Patricia Orsini, director of the Wounded Warrior Program as we announce the hiring of the first nine of the 25 wounded warriors who will continue to serve America as staff members in Congress."
March 3, 2009 Speech
“When Shirley Chisholm joined our colleagues Chairman John Conyers and Chairman Charlie Rangel, among others, to found the CBC, it had just 13 members. In that year, 1969, she imagined the organization that would grow to 42 members today, and serve as the conscience of the Congress. It stands as tribute to Congresswoman Chisholm's vision of a Congress that represents all Americans."
February 23, 2009 Speech
“In a time that demands bold ideas, this forum brings together some of the most innovative and visionary thinkers in our nation. I come here to thank you for your efforts to tackle the greatest challenges of our time."
February 16, 2009 Speech
“My family's background is as diverse as the map of Italy, with grandparents and great-grandparents born in Abruzzi, Venice, Genoa, Campobasso and Sicily. My husband, Paul's, father was born in Potenza and his mother in Tuscany."
February 13, 2009 Speech
“My colleagues, as we gather here today, the American people are watching and waiting. They want to see if we can act on their behalf. They want to know if we have heard their pleas. They're concerned about their jobs -- whether they can hold them. Those who have lost their jobs are concerned about how they are going to be able to have any economic stability for their families. They're concerned about their health care. They're concerned about putting food on the table."
February 13, 2009 Speech
"On the steps of the Capitol -- one week and one day before Congress acted the first time -- the President inspired the nation with a message of hope that we would take the country in a “New Direction.” He said that we will ‘harness the sun, and the wind, and soil to fuel our cars and run our factories.' And he went on to talk about 21st century education and investments in health and science -- to make the American people healthier, innovation to make us competitive."
February 12, 2009 Speech
“In 1861, several months after winning his first presidential election, Abraham Lincoln traveled from Springfield, Illinois to Washington by train, stopping along the way in Philadelphia - the birthplace of our Constitution."
February 11, 2009 Speech
“Last night, hundreds of people gathered under the Capitol dome as we had a reception on the eve of this historic event at the site of the original House of Representatives to pay tribute to John Dingell. It was an amazing group to see: Democrats and Republicans, new Members -- just newly sworn in -- and those who have been here for decades. We were honored to be joined by President Clinton, who on more than one occasion has honored John Dingell for his service. I think most recently before was for the 50-year anniversary of your service in Congress, where many of us came together at that time. We were joined also by Speaker Foley and the former Minority Leader Bob Michel. Again, a sign of bipartisanship. We all came together to pay tribute to the 19,420 days John Dingell served alongside us."
February 10, 2009 Speech
“Tomorrow, a flag will fly over the Capitol in honor of John Dingell's accomplishment of becoming the longest-serving Member of the House of Representatives."