February 4, 2009 Speech
“Almost two years ago, when we first talked about this legislation -- we have been talking about it for years -- of course, its been the law, and now we are expanding it. But when we first brought it into the previous Congress, on that day, it was late in the afternoon when I came to the floor, and while the sun was setting in the sky -- coincidentally I came at a time when it was, in poetry described as the ‘Children's Hour'."
January 28, 2009 Speech
“Today we are passing historic legislation that honors the promises our new President made from the steps of the Capitol. Promises to make the future better for our children and our grandchildren."
January 20, 2009 Speech
“During our lunch, these flags have rested on a table used by Abraham Lincoln as he took the Presidential oath of office for the second time. On that day, he gave an Inaugural Address that some consider to be his greatest speech. He spoke of reconciliation, renewal, and unity for America. Today we heard that same vision from President Barack Obama."
January 14, 2009 Speech
“At a time of economic crisis, nothing could be more essential than ensuring that children of hardworking families receive the quality health care that they deserve. Many of these children are from families of hardworking Americans who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. It is sad to say that Americans lost 2.6 million jobs last year. Over half a million jobs were lost in the month of December. 500,000 jobs were lost in the month of December. It was actually 526, 000 jobs."
January 9, 2009 Speech
“And yet in terms of pay equity, I'm a mother of four daughters and one son, and for all of them this is important legislation. Many colleagues in this House, many women Members of the House, we have fathers of daughters. And those fathers of daughters know that their daughters are capable of doing anything that they set out to do, and the value that is placed on them in the workplace is the same value that is be placed on young men of whatever age."
January 9, 2009 Speech
“If we are to achieve a real peace, we must begin with a ceasefire to the current conflict, which is why this resolution calls for the Bush Administration to work toward that end. But a ceasefire must do more than just end the current fighting - it must address some of the root causes of the conflict so we may attain a peace that is, in the words of this resolution, ‘durable and sustainable."
January 6, 2009 Speech
“Together, we welcome the many new Members of Congress who today join the House of Representatives of the United States of America. Congratulations to all of our new Members and our re-elected Members."
December 10, 2008 Speech
"Today we are considering legislation not as life-support to sustain a dying industry, but a jump start for an industry that is essential to our country's economic health. One in 10 American jobs is linked to the domestic auto industry, and it is a key pillar in an American manufacturing sector critical to our national security and economic competitiveness for decades to come."
December 9, 2008 Speech
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, incoming House Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson and other Democratic leaders held a press availability this afternoon following an issues forum on Capitol Hill today.
December 2, 2008 Speech
"The holidays are a time to join with family and friends and to celebrate the many blessings bestowed on us. We should also say a prayer this holiday season that the peace we hope for ourselves and for our families is visited upon all the people of the world."