June 5, 2008 Speech
"From this land, the foundations of democracy and freedom can be strengthened once again--when it becomes home to the U.S. Institute of Peace."
June 4, 2008 Speech
"One of the most enduring images of the twentieth century will forever be seared into our conscience. The picture of the lone man standing in the street and bringing a line of tanks to a grinding halt - that image has been seared into our conscience. That massacre of the demonstrators in Tiananmen Square challenged our conscience and the conscience of the world."
May 21, 2008 Speech
"The AAPI community has been particularly important in strengthening America, when we're talking about family values, a sense of community, education of our children, work ethic, plus your commitment for a better future for the next generation. This immigration has made America more American."
May 21, 2008 Speech
"The record of the New Direction Congress on veterans' issues is truly historic: The largest investment in veterans' health care in the 77-year history of the VA. Chairman Chet Edwards of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and the VA helped lead this effort."
May 21, 2008 Speech
"For his living legacy of expanding opportunity and hope, we pause today to honor Lyndon Baines Johnson and thank him for his service to our nation. May God bless his family wonderful family. God certainly did bless America with the life and leadership of Lyndon Baines Johnson."
May 20, 2008 Speech
"Being Members of Congress, we are afforded many opportunities and privileges. I can't think of any that surpasses the privilege of joining together in a bipartisan way to bring the good wishes of this Congress and congratulations of the American people to the people of Israel on the establishment of the state of Israel 60 years ago."
May 14, 2008 Speech
"Today we stand here before you very proud of the New Direction Congress. Especially proud of what we have accomplished in the last couple of weeks and what we will do going into the Memorial Day weekend. We have solutions to the challenges facing the American people. "
May 7, 2008 Speech
"By threatening to veto legislation that will help families with the price at the pump, the President is forbidding us to move our nation to a 21st century energy policy."
May 1, 2008 Speech
"This legislation prevents health insurers from adverse coverage or pricing decisions based on a person's genetic predisposition toward a disease. It ensures an employer cannot make adverse employment decisions based on what is in a person's genetic code. It also makes it illegal for an insurer or employer to request or demand a gene test."
April 29, 2008 Speech
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other bipartisan Members of Congress gathered at the Capitol this afternoon to support the 21st Century GI Bill, which provides a four-year college scholarship to veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.