April 23, 2008 Speech
"Dr. DeBakey, we honor you for the compassion you learned from your parents and for the skill, talent, and innovation you have practiced for more than 70 years as one of our nation's medical pioneers."
April 22, 2008 Speech
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Whip James E. Clyburn, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, CAO Daniel Beard, and Acting Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers participated in a tree planting ceremony to commemorate the 38th Annual Earth Day today.
April 14, 2008 Speech
"This morning, once again, President Bush demonstrated how out of touch he is with the concerns of America's working families."
April 11, 2008 Speech
"Your profession [of journalism] is all about our deep belief and defense of the First Amendment's guarantee of a free speech and a free press. It is deeply rooted in that insistence on truth - is what we depend on you for."
April 10, 2008 Speech
"Whether we're talking about rebuilding the infrastructure of America, or whether we're talking about investments in an innovation agenda, our commitment is to competitiveness to keep America number 1, and that innovation begins in the classroom. We have to have a strong commitment to the education of our people, whether we're talking about tax credits for our energy bill, which we passed here and would immediately create jobs. If we don't make these investments, our projects will have to discontinue. But many more are ready. The projects are in the pipeline."
April 4, 2008 Speech
"For nearly 15 years, Marty Meehan was a leader in the House of Representatives and a friend to all of us in Congress. He brought the values of Lowell to Washington D.C., and now brings his reputation as a reformer of Washington to his new position as Chancellor of UMass-Lowell."
April 3, 2008 Speech
"Dr. King possessed a voice of hope so powerful that it shook and shattered walls of oppression and lifted the spirits of the downtrodden and denied."
April 2, 2008 Speech
"The Leadership Against HIV/AIDS Act is our compact with developing nations across the globe. It says that America stands with them in this fight, that our commitment will not waver, and shows them America's true face of compassion."
April 1, 2008 Speech
"We learned a lot on our trip. The purpose was to see how we could work together with India, a country with 400 million people who are without electricity, but nonetheless having a major responsibility as a rapidly developing country on this important issue. That is important, as I said, not only to our environment, but to our national security."
March 17, 2008 Speech
"Today, as on every March 17, we gather to recognize the patron saint of Ireland: Saint Patrick."