December 12, 2007 Speech
"Closing the loophole for these hedge fund CEOs who have taken their profits off-shore to avoid taxes, this is called tax evasion, and this loophole closes that. So yes, tax relief for 23 million families, 10,000 or fewer people paying the price."
December 6, 2007 Speech
"This is about our national security, it's about jobs and the economic security of our country, it's about the environment, therefore it's a health issue, and it's a moral issue. That's why we have scientists and evangelicals. We have business and labor. We have the environmental community all strongly supporting this legislation."
December 5, 2007 Speech
"The Head Start for School Readiness Act, which I will sign today and send to the President, is another bipartisan step toward our goal of ensuring that all of America's children have the tools they need to succeed."
November 14, 2007 Speech
"How much longer should we expect our young people to risk their lives, their limbs, their families, for an Iraqi government that is not willing to step up to the plate? This legislation offers something fundamentally different from what President Bush is proposing, a 10-year war, a war without end, costing trillions of dollars at the expense of our military readiness."
November 1, 2007 Speech
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic leaders and other House Members held an event on the steps of the Capitol this morning with a number of Americans to mark the one-year anniversary of a New Direction Congress and how it has directly affected the lives of everyday Americans.
October 31, 2007 Speech
Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke on the floor this afternoon expressing her support to reauthorize Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) programs for workers, firms, and farmers for five years.
October 30, 2007 Speech
"We're gathered here this afternoon on a subject of very great concern to America's families. As we approach the holiday season, with Halloween tomorrow, and Thanksgiving around the corner, and shopping for Christmas toys going on probably as we speak, we want to make sure that we are doing the best possible job to protect America's children."
October 24, 2007 Speech
"Our relationship with any country should help make the world safer, economies stronger, and people freer. Three pillars of U.S. foreign policy are: protecting our national security, growing our economy by increasing American exports abroad; and promoting democratic freedom and human rights around the world."
October 16, 2007 Speech
"We are gathered here today because of children's health. It's not an issue, it's an ethic, it's a value that overwhelmingly the American people support."
October 2, 2007 Speech
Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke on the House floor this afternoon supporting the non-violent protests by the Burmese people and condemning reports of a brutal crackdown by the ruling military regime.