September 27, 2007 Speech
"Higher education is a key to achieving the American dream, and more than ever, the American dream is going to depend upon innovation. It was with students like Oscar Vazquez and all of you in mind that we created our Innovation Agenda - much of which is now law."
September 25, 2007 Speech
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hosted a reception this evening in the Capitol honoring Members of the Congressional Black Caucus.
September 25, 2007 Speech
"This week, Congress will complete CHIP legislation that will secure SCHIP coverage for Gemma and Graeme and more than 10 million children in our country."
September 20, 2007 Speech
"President Bush should support the bipartisan SCHIP legislation for 10 million reasons -the 10 million children who will receive health care coverage should this bill become law."
September 20, 2007 Speech
"The new Democratic Congress is focused squarely on the needs of young Americans because we implicitly understand that our nation's future will only be as strong as our commitment to your future."
September 18, 2007 Speech
"'Today, with the help of two of our nation's most talented and experienced legislators - Chairman Ted Kennedy and Chairman George Miller - we are sending to the President landmark legislation that reduces college costs for millions of young Americans."
September 10, 2007 Speech
"'This evening, as the sun sets over the nation's capital, we join in a solemn tribute to the nearly 3,000 Americans who were cruelly taken from us on September 11, 2001."
September 5, 2007 Speech
"'To make our country safer, H.R. 1, the very first bill that Congress introduced and passed in the Congress, the 9/11 Commission recommendations, has been signed into law by the President. To grow our economy, we passed our innovation agenda, which has been signed into law by the President...we passed the minimum wage, which was signed by the President and now is the law of the land. To restore accountability to the Congress, to restore honest leadership and open government, we passed the most far reaching ethics and lobbying reform bill, which we sent to the President last night, which we anticipate that he will sign."
May 22, 2007 Speech
"'Welcome to the National Summit on America's Children. Today is an historic day in which national experts and scientists are gathered to discuss our nation's most vital resource - our children."
January 26, 2007 Speech
"Washington, D.C. - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, and House Budget Committee Chairman John Spratt today sent the following letter to President Bush, urging him to change course from his reckless fiscal policies of the past and adopt new fiscally responsible policies in his fiscal year 2008 Budget. While budgets from the past six years have added $3 trillion dollars to the federal debt, the new Democratic Congress looks forward to working with the President in a bipartisan fashion to change course and return to fiscal responsibility."