Statements on Passage

February 16, 2007
House Committee on Foreign Affairs: Lantos Says Strong Bipartisan Support for Iraq Resolution is a Message the Administration Cannot Ignore

"In November the voters made a clear statement about their stance on the war in Iraq," Lantos noted. "And public opinion has demonstrably rejected the Administration's escalation plan. Today the Congress made a bipartisan and strong statement affirming support for the troops and opposing the escalation. This is a powerful message expressing the people's will that the Administration cannot ignore."

House Armed Services Committee: Skelton On House Passage Of Iraq Resolution

"The resolution, which I'm pleased was approved with bipartisan support in the House, is straightforward and easy to understand. First, it expresses our continuing support for members of the Armed Forces who are serving or who have served in Iraq. Second, it makes clear that we disapprove the President's decision to deploy more than 20,000 additional combat troops to Iraq. We have stretched and strained our forces and their equipment to the breaking point, degrading our military readiness and exposing our nation to unacceptable levels of strategic risk. We must ensure that our involvement in Iraq does no further harm to our military preparedness and our ability to protect the American people."

Majority Leader: Majority Leader Hoyer's Statement on House Passage of the Iraq Resolution

"As Walter Dellinger, a constitutional scholar at Duke University and a former Assistant Attorney General, said this morning in the Washington Post: "I think that the framers of the Constitution would be astonished that a president would proceed to increase U.S. involvement in a foreign war over the expressed objection of both houses of Congress."

"I have no doubt that it pains this Administration - which has pursued a failing policy in Iraq for nearly four years - that this Congress is determined to fulfill its constitutional obligation to conduct real, meaningful oversight. The American people expect and deserve no less."

Democratic Caucus: Emanuel Statement on Bipartisan Approval of Iraq Resolution

"Today's vote is a symbol of a new direction in Congress. Rather than rubber stamping the President's Iraq policy, today Congress rebuked the Bush plan to escalate the war.

"This resolution is only the beginning of our effort to change direction in Iraq. Congress will live up to our oversight responsibilities, hold the President accountable for his mismanagement of the war and stand by our troops."