Talk Radio News Service: House Dems Hold Hearing Over Domestic Abusers Access To Guns

June 2, 2015
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA) held a hearing with fellow Democrats addressing the need to fix loopholes that permit domestic violence abusers to own guns.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA) along with 23 other Democratic House members held a hearing Tuesday to reinforce the need for universal background checks for gun purchasers.

Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), the chair of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force in the House, said in the hearing that 50 women are shot to death every month by an intimate partner.

“They’re people who would still be with us today if we had comprehensive laws,” Thompson said.

The hearing included testimonials from Roberta Valente, Vice President of Policy for the National Domestic Violence Hotline; Karolina Szatkowski, Program Director at YWCA Union County in New Jersey; survivors Ruth Glenn and Lisette Johnson, and Anita Alvarez, Attorney at Law and member of American Prosecutor’s Association.

There was a strong plea to the congressional representatives to amend current gun laws to protect victims of domestic violence.

“Our organization has already released a slate of ‘common sense’ proposals supporting measures that include universal background checks for firearm purchasers, restricting access to guns by domestic violence perpetrators and supporting gun dis-possession protocol for domestic abusers,” said Alvarez.

Members of the YWCA will also gather Thursday on Capitol Hill to advocate for the Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act, said Szatkowski.