The Hill: Pelosi blasts GOP for budget delays

June 20, 2017
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Monday slammed congressional Republicans for failing to produce a budget resolution.

“Almost five months into the Trump Administration, House Republicans still haven’t met their most basic responsibility to pass a budget,” Pelosi said.

“The House GOP is now months behind the statutory budget deadline, deeply divided but unwilling to abandon their budget giveaways to the richest few.”

The House Budget Committee is aiming to release a budget resolution before the Fourth of July recess, but Republicans remain divided on a number of fronts.

Few have the stomach for the deep cuts to nondefense discretionary spending President Trump proposed, but other options for funding large increases to military spending are politically difficult.

Trump campaigned on promises to leave Social Security and Medicare untouched, further complicating matters for Republicans seeking alternative spending cuts.

Without agreement on top-line budget numbers, the appropriations process cannot proceed normally, leaving less and less time to get a spending plan together to prevent a government shutdown in October.