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The Real GOP Agenda: By-The-Numbers

September 23, 2010

For months, we have known that Congressional Republicans want to return to the same failed Bush economic policies that cost us 8 million American jobs, doubled our national debt, hurt millions of Americans and wrecked our economy. Today, American workers, their families and true small businesses learn it is worse than we thought in this ‘new’ pledge written by and developed with special interest lobbyists.

Speaker Pelosi:

$4 Trillion – Cost of GOP Economic Plan That Includes Tax Cuts for Millionaires and Billionaires Over 10 Years $143 Billion – Amount Taking Away Patients’ Rights Will Add to Deficit Over 10 years 110 Million –Middle Class Families and Small Businesses that Will See Tax Hikes Under GOP Agenda 0 – Items in the GOP Agenda to Save American Jobs and Stop Outsourcing  Despite This Being a Top Vote Getter on, the So-Called Source for the GOP Agenda ? – Number of Republicans that Will Break Their “Pledge” and Vote NO on Small Business Bill Today (Congressional Republicans Have Already Voted Against 7 of the 8 Small Business Tax Cuts Enacted Into Law Under this Congress) Too Many To Count – Special interests ranging from Big Oil, big insurance, credit card and mortgage companies and Wall Street banks helped by regulatory rollbacks in the “Pledge”