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November 21, 2006 Press Release
'The war in Iraq is one of the most critical issues confronting our nation, and the American people have clearly called for a New Direction in Iraq,' Pelosi said.
November 16, 2006 Press Release
'Last week, in a stunning display of democracy, the American people voted for change,' said Pelosi. 'Today, House Democrats have elected the leaders who will help take our nation in a New Direction. We will work together to lead the House of Representatives with a commitment to integrity, to civility, and to fiscal responsibility. This leadership team will create the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history.'
November 13, 2006 Articles
In the following op-ed, appearing in the Rocky Mountain News, Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi lays out what the country expects of Congressional leadership and the need for a New Direction.
November 8, 2006 Press Release
"A new direction on Iraq is also long overdue. I hope the departure of Mr. Rumsfeld will mark a fresh start toward a new policy in Iraq, signaling a willingness on the part of the President to work with the Congress to devise a better way forward. Our troops deserve no less."
January 9, 2006 Press Release
'In the fall campaign, Democrats promised to address the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, making it an urgent priority in the new Congress. Today, we have made good on that pledge...'
September 9, 2005 Articles
In the following op-ed, appearing in the Chicago Tribune, Leader Pelosi warns against the GOP-led Congress's penchant for "court-stripping," taking discretionary powers away from the court.
October 24, 2004 Articles
"When adjusted for inflation, discretionary spending -- or budget items that Congress and the president can control, including defense and domestic programs, but not entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare -- shot up at an average annual rate of 5.3 percent during Bush's first six years."