Today at his weekly press conference, Speaker Ryan discussed further actions being taken to put an end to sexual harassment in Congress:

“Yesterday, the House acted to mandate anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training for all members and all staff. I want to thank Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and Congresswoman Jackie Speier for authoring this resolution. This is an important step—but it’s one step.

“The Committee on House Administration is going to continue its extensive review of all of our policies and all of our procedures. One week from today, the committee will be holding its next hearing on this matter. The purpose of this hearing is to examine the reporting and the settlement process, and to look at any reforms that may be needed.

“As Speaker, I just want to say something about this: This needs to be a workplace where everyone feels safe and respected. No woman should have to endure harassment in any form, in any institution, let alone here in Congress.”

The speaker also invited President Trump to deliver his State of the Union address on January 30, 2018:

“Second: I am formally inviting President Trump to address a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, January 30th, in order to report on the state of the union. This will be a good opportunity for the country to hear directly from the president on the progress we have made and on the work that remains to be done on our shared agenda. And we look forward to him accepting our invitation.”

Finally, the speaker highlighted a recent letter sent to Congress by a group of economists in support of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

“Lastly: On tax reform, I wanted to make sure you saw this letter. This letter from 137 economists across the ideological spectrum to Congress that we received yesterday.

“Let me read just two sentences from this letter:

  • ‘The question isn’t whether American workers are hurt by our country’s corporate tax rate—it’s how badly.’
  • ‘The enactment of a comprehensive overhaul—complete with a lower corporate tax rate—will ignite our economy with levels of growth not seen in generations.’

“This is one reason why tax reform is the single biggest thing we can do to help middle-income families and workers. With faster growth, you get bigger paychecks. With faster growth, you get better-paying jobs. With faster growth, you get a higher standard of living.

“Of course, the focus of this plan is on hardworking American families and that’s why we’re providing a significant tax relief for them as well. That’s the whole purpose of this: to help people who are living paycheck-to-paycheck not only keep more of their money in the first place, but to help them make more money, and find good, better-paying jobs.

“Tax reform is going to make such a big difference for Americans of all walks of life. We’re looking forward to the Senate taking action on their bill. We’re enthused and excited they’re on the floor right now, working on tax reform. And once they do, as the Majority Leader indicated yesterday, we will move to go to a conference committee as soon as possible.”