November was a big month on the tax reform front. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was introduced, and subsequently passed, in the House. But that’s not all. In a show of bipartisanship, Congress sent legislation to the president’s desk giving our troops their largest pay raise in eight years and unveiled a commemorative chair in the Capitol to honor our country’s POW/MIA.

Here are seven photos that show our favorite moments from the month of November:

1.   The Helping Hand – Speaker Ryan and Leader McCarthy lend a hand to Whip Scalise as they exit the stage during a weekly House Republican Leadership press conference.

2.   The Scene Stealer – Baby Hadley steals the show at an event unveiling the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

3.   The POW/MIA Commemorative Chair – Leaders from both parties and both chambers of Congress come together to recognize the tremendous sacrifice of our country’s POW/MIA with the unveiling of a commemorative chair in their honor, located in the Capitol Visitor Center.

4.   The Unified Conference – Speaker Ryan joins a large group of fellow members in addressing the media following the House’s passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

5.   The Tax Town Hall – Speaker Ryan fields questions about tax reform and explains the nuances of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act during a televised, live Fox News Town Hall.

6.   The Pay Raise for Our Troops – Joined by a bipartisan group of members from the House Armed Services Committee, Speaker Ryan signs the National Defense Authorization Act, sending it to the president’s desk. This legislation gives our troops their largest pay raise in eight years.

7.   The Tax Reform Postcard – At a weekly House Republican Leadership press conference, Speaker Ryan unveils the 2.0 version of the tax reform postcard—this time conveniently sized to fit into his suit jacket pocket without needing to be folded.


You can take the man out of the Ways and Means Committee, but you can’t take the wonkiness out of the man. Speaker Ryan uses his beloved tax reform graphs and charts while giving a speech on the House floor urging for the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.