Summary: Today at his weekly press conference, Speaker Ryan offered his sympathy to the people of Southern California who are suffering from devastating wildfires. He also addressed today’s House Committee on Administration’s hearing on sexual harassment and the House’s continued work to advance the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Southern California

“First of all, I just want to say to the people in Southern California: We want you to know we’re thinking of you as you deal with these devastating fires that continue to tear through your region. When you see all these areas being evacuated, it’s very clear that many families are going to be piecing back their lives throughout the holiday season.

“So, just to echo what the Majority Leader said yesterday, we are here to help. To all those firefighters who are out there running into these fires, we’re grateful for you. We’re praying for you.

Sexual Harassment Hearing

“Second, this morning, the House Committee on Administration is presently holding a wide-ranging hearing on our reporting and settlement process for sexual harassment. The goal of this hearing is to take a look at the entire system. We want to identify what reforms are needed to change the way things work.

“In addition to better policies to protect women, we also need a real culture change. We need to recognize that this is a pervasive problem—that women face not just here in Congress, but in every industry.

“And this really is a watershed moment, and it needs to lead to lasting and positive change.

Conference Committee on Tax Reform

“Lastly, with the Senate’s vote yesterday, it is official: We are going to committee—a conference committee—on tax reform. With this last, long step—this step-by-step process that began with dozens of hearings over the course of several years—we are now on our way to getting real relief.

“I know people are hearing a lot of hysteria and a lot of hyperbole from opponents of this plan. All kinds of doom and gloom. None of this surprises me. The defenders of the status quo just see their old, broken system slipping away from them.

“We believe it’s about time the hardworking people of this country get a break. We believe it’s about time the people living paycheck-to-paycheck get some relief.

“In the end, this really comes down to what people care about: More money in their paychecks. More jobs. A healthier economy. Faster economic growth. More fairness. More peace of mind when Tax Day rolls around. That’s what this is about. And it’s about getting beyond the status quo.

“So for the people who are out there who want to cut through all the noise, the hysteria, the hyperbole, just go to—see for yourself what this is all about, what it is we’re trying to do to improve the lives of millions and millions of hard-working Americans.”