2018 started with a bang. From a Congressional Delegation trip the Middle East to President Trump’s first State of the Union address (and yes, a reckless government shutdown led by Senate Democrats), there was no easing into the new year for Speaker Ryan. However, woven throughout the month were all of the great stories about how people’s lives are being improved now that tax reform is the law of the land.

Here are eight photos that show our favorite moments from the month of January:

1.   It is risky. It is reckless. And it is wrong. – Speaker Ryan, joined by House leaders, urges Senator Schumer to not move forward with Senate Democrats’ threat of a government shutdown.

2.   The truth is on our side. – At the 45th annual March for Life, Speaker Ryan speaks about the rise of the pro-life movement: “Do you know why the pro-life movement is on the rise? Because truth is on our side. Life begins at conception.”

3.   He’s as honorable as they come. – At the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony honoring former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, ceremony participants and attendees stand for the presentation of the United States flag.

4.   This food is fake? – Speaker Ryan walks through a simulated grocery store while touring Zero Zone, a refrigeration manufacturing company, in North Prairie, Wisconsin. Zero Zone is one of the many made-in-America businesses that are benefitting from tax reform now being the law of the land.

5.   Thank you for your service. – While making a refueling stop at Morón Air Base in Morón, Spain, Speaker Ryan meets with members of the Marine Corps’ Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force—Crisis Response—Africa.

6.   I’m kidding! – Speaker Ryan jokes around with reporters at his weekly press conference.

7.   These are the principles of conservatism. – While talking to AP Government students at Greendale High School in Greendale, Wisconsin, Speaker Ryan fields questions on current events and discusses one of his favorite topics—the principles of conservatism.

8.   Welcome, Mr. President. – Speaker Ryan welcomes President Trump to the House Chamber for his first State of the Union address.

Here’s to making more progress in improving people’s lives in 2018.