Even though it’s the shortest month of the year, February did not bring a lighter schedule to Capitol Hill. The month started off with House and Senate Republicans meeting to set a bold agenda for 2018, and culminated with the lying in honor of the late Rev. Billy Graham. In between, Speaker Ryan welcomed groups from all across the country to the Capitol, reaffirmed our solemn commitment to locating U.S. POWs, and more.

Here are eight photos that show some of our favorite moments from the month of February:

1. The Commander’s Introduction – At a joint House-Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearing to introduce Wisconsin’s own Denise Rohan as the first woman to command the American Legion, Speaker Ryan is greeted by members of the organization.

2. The Ascent – Speaker Ryan makes his way from one meeting to the next, ascending a Capitol staircase in typical fashion: two steps at a time.

3. The Outward Symbol of Faith – On Ash Wednesday, Speaker Ryan meets with members of his staff.

4. A Moment with an American Hero – Alongside former POW and current House member Sam Johnson—one of the speaker’s personal heroes—Speaker Ryan signs legislation directing the government to make every effort to account for the nearly 83,000 missing U.S. personnel around the world.

5. The Return of the Speaker Selfie – Members of the Boy Scouts of America score a selfie with Speaker Ryan on their visit to Washington to deliver their annual Report to the Nation.

6. The Governors Roundtable – Speaker Ryan meets with a group of governors to exchange ideas on how to best equip American workers with the skills they need in today’s economy.

7. The Lying in Honor – Members of the public gather in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda to pay their respects to the late Rev. Billy Graham as he lies in honor.

8. The Retreat – At the annual GOP membership retreat, Speaker Ryan welcomes President Trump to the stage as congressional leadership discusses their agenda for 2018.