As soon as tonight, House Republicans will vote to block taxpayer funding for the job-killing health care law as they work to cut $100 billion discretionary spending in just the next seven months. As Speaker Boehner said on The Laura Ingraham Show, Republicans are doing “everything we can in this bill to make sure that there's no money for ObamaCare.” Politico has the details:

“Among the dozens of amendments filed last night with the House Rules Committee are two that would attempt to defund the Democratic health care law passed last year.”

“The limitation amendments are offered by Reps. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) and Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-Wash.). The measures will be voted along with the rest of the continuing resolution on Thursday.”

Here are the two amendments set to be voted on:

  • An amendment by Rep. Rehberg to prohibit the use of Labor & HHS Department funds to implement Obamacare.
  • An amendment by Rep. McMorris Rodgers will prohibit the use of IRS funds to implement the law.

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Douglas Elmendorf confirmed last week at the House Budget Committee that the Democrats’ health care law destroys jobs.  When asked by Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) to clarify that ObamaCare will stifle job creation, Elmendorf testified that the health care law will reduce the number of full-time jobs by 800,000.

In order to create a better environment for economic growth, the new House majority is working to remove barriers to job creation that are causing uncertainty for small businesses.  House Republicans kept their pledge, and voted to repeal the ObamaCare law.  And these votes to defund ObamaCare are just one more part of a larger effort to repeal the law and start over with common-sense reforms that will lower costs and protect jobs.