As part of the Plan for America’s Job Creators and the American Energy Initiative, the Republican-led House has passed many bills to address high energy costs by boosting production, cutting red tape and streamlining the permitting process so we can create American-made energy more quickly.  Three years of President Obama’s failed energy policies have left small businesses struggling to stay afloat, and American families struggling to make ends meet.  These bills will help address high gas prices – which have doubled on President Obama’s watch – making it easier for the private sector to grow and create jobs.  Here’s a look at what Republicans have done to harness America’s resources, develop new sources of energy, and put Americans back to work:

President Obama claims to support Republicans’ all-of-the-above energy policy, but has yet to urge Senate Democrats to act on these bills that are sitting on their doorstep.  With gas prices once again on the rise, Senate Democrats ought to stop stalling these bills so they can be sent to the president for his signature.  Learn more about the Republican jobs plan at, and follow the progress of these bills by “liking” the American Energy Initiative on Facebook.