Speaker Boehner today said Republicans are actively “using technology to make Congress more open and transparent,” highlighting Majority Leader Cantor’s ‘Citizen Cosponsor Project’ at Cosponsor.gov and other ongoing initiatives. Here’s what he said:

“I hope you’ll take a look at Leader Cantor’s ‘Citizen Cosponsor’ project.  Republicans are using technology to make Congress more open and transparent.  We also stream the House floor and committee hearings live online for the first time. We’ve made digital versions of legislative documents much easier for the public to get their hands on. We’re keeping a tally of our open government projects at speaker.gov/open. And we’ll have more to announce in the months ahead.”

Find out more of what the Republican-led U.S. House is doing to make the legislative process more open at speaker.gov/open, and be sure to share our infographic on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.