Late yesterday, the House Select Committee on Benghazi announced it had “issued subpoenas for all communications of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton related to Libya” in light of new revelations that she exclusively used a private email system and server to conduct official government business, skirting federal records law and preemptively thwarting any proper oversight.

In a tweet late last night, Clinton said, “I want the public to see my email. I asked [the Department of] State to release them.” Of course, that is not the primary issue, because the Obama administration only has the emails Clinton chose to release, and both the White House and the State Department have refused to say for certain that she has provided and preserved all relevant emails as required by federal law.

This is why the subpoenas are necessary, as well as the Select Committee’s “preservation letters to internet firms informing them of their legal obligation to protect all relevant documents.” Currently, nothing is to stop Hillary Clinton from destroying emails and documents she would like to keep secret.

Here’s what we do know:

  • “A week before becoming secretary of state, Hillary Clinton set up a private e-mail system that gave her a high level of control over communications, including the ability to erase messages completely …. [Her] consultants appear to have set it up with a misconfigured encryption system, something that left it vulnerable to hacking[.]” (Bloomberg, 3/4/15)
  • “State Department technology experts expressed security concerns that then–Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using a private email service rather than the government’s fortified and monitored system, but those fears fell on deaf ears …. [I]t was well known that Clinton’s emails were at greater risk of being hacked, intercepted or monitored, but the warnings were ignored.” (Al Jazeera America, 3/3/15)
  • “[M]ore than 75 separate requests for her emails were filed with the State Department between 2009 and 2013 by media organizations and other parties. Associated Press requests for Clinton emails and other documents have been delayed for more than a year — and in one case, four years — without any results. The AP said this week it is considering legal action against the department to compel responses.” (Associated Press, 3/5/15)
  • “The White House counsel's office was not aware at the time Hillary Rodham Clinton was secretary of state that she relied solely on personal email and only found out as part of the congressional investigation into the Benghazi attack …. Clinton's exclusive reliance on personal email as the nation's top diplomat was inconsistent with the guidance given to agencies that official business should be conducted on official email accounts.” (Associated Press, 3/5/15)

Commenting on Clinton’s actions, Speaker Boehner said: “It doesn't matter if the server was in Foggy Bottom, Chappaqua or Bora Bora. The Benghazi Select Committee needs to see all of these emails, because the American people deserve all of the facts.”