For months, Speaker Boehner and Chairman Gowdy have had one message for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: 

Surrender your email server to a neutral third party.

And for months, she chose to withhold evidenceprolong the Benghazi Committee's investigation, and offer flat-out false claims.  But the Speaker has remained resolute, and together, with the work of Chairman Gowdy and the Select Committee, they've kept the heat on Hillary.  And it's working. 

Just yesterday, after the inspector general for the intelligence community uncovered multiple Clinton emails that contained information classified as "Top Secret," the former Secretary of State finally saw the writing on the wall, and agreed to surrender the server to the FBI.

Of course, none of this would have come to pass without the steady collection of facts from the Benghazi Committee, and they will continue their investigative work until they get to the bottom about what happened in the events surrounding the 2012 terrorist attack in Libya, where four Americans lost their lives. The families of the fallen, and the entire American public, deserve the truth.