Keep terrorists Out of USA (Boehner Op-Ed in USA Today) |
President Obama says the Guantanamo Bay prison is a rallying cry for our enemies, and closing it will help silence them.

That certainly does not appear to have stopped Najibullah Zazi, who was arrested by federal authorities in September and charged with traveling to New York City carrying bombmaking instructions in his laptop. He allegedly trained at an al-Qaeda camp in Pakistan, where he received the bombmaking instructions, and later bought beauty supplies containing the raw materials for a bomb.

It clearly did not give pause to five Northern Virginia men who were detained after traveling to Pakistan earlier this month in the hopes of meeting with jihadist groups.

Where we detain al-Qaeda's fellow combatants does not change how they view us, but it does affect the security of the USA and the safety of American communities.

Republicans believe America must set an example for the world by stopping at nothing to protect its citizens from terrorist attack. That's why we have proposed common-sense legislation, the Keep Terrorists Out of America Act, that would put Congress on record opposing the importation of dangerous terrorists and ensure that every level of government be it federal, state, or local has a say-so before that happens.

After all, the Guantanamo Bay prison contains the worst of the worst. Chief among them is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, known as KSM, suspected mastermind of the 9/11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

Importing these dangerous terrorists into Illinois America's heartland is a mistake, and an unnecessary one at that. These enemy combatants were already being tried by military commissions, in accordance with our laws. Just imagine the considerable strain of housing KSM and the likes of him in our prisons. Consider the potential fallout from allowing enemy combatants to lawyer up and have the same rights as U.S. citizens.

Americans have every right to be outraged, and sure enough, a Gallup poll released last week found that nearly two-thirds oppose importing these dangerous terrorists into the U.S.

This is a nation at war, and the American people deserve every assurance that their government is doing everything in its power to confront and defeat the terrorist threat.

Is it?