Ohioans Shouldn't Miss the Chance to Give President Obama an Earful (Boehner Op-Ed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer) | Speaker.gov
President Barack Obama is coming to Elyria today to discuss job creation in a state that is desperate for a plan to put Americans back to work, but he continues to push an agenda that actually destroys American jobs.

Just three days have passed since voters in Massachusetts, one of the bluest of blue states, delivered the president a clear, stinging indictment of his big-government agenda by electing Republican Scott Brown to fill the U.S. Senate seat held for 47 years by the late Ted Kennedy. Many Democrats lost in the upside-down world that is Washington are still wondering, how could this be?

Tuesday's results should come as no surprise, however. For more than nine months, a political rebellion has been brewing as Americans have watched with angst as Washington Democrats have pushed job-killing policies that have only made a bad jobs situation even worse. Nowhere is this more evident than in the state of Ohio.

Nearly one year has passed since the trillion-dollar "stimulus" was enacted amid promises that jobs would be created "immediately," yet today more than 3 million Americans have lost their jobs. In Ohio, unemployment figures to be released this morning are likely to show that the state has now endured nine straight months of double-digit unemployment.

The president's signature health care reform bill -- last priced at $1.3 trillion and counting -- is chock-full of tax increases and new layers of government red tape that will smother small businesses trying to create new jobs. New unfunded mandates totaling $26 billion buried in this government takeover of health care will devastate the budgets of already cash-strapped states like Ohio, and force additional job-killing taxes on employers at a time when they will be least able to afford it.

Making matters worse, Democrats are also pushing a "cap and trade" national energy tax, a bureaucratic nightmare that will drive up the cost of doing business and send thousands of jobs overseas to countries with less-stringent environmental regulations.

Combine these costly policies with uncertainty stemming from Congress' out-of-control spending and our nation's skyrocketing debt, and it's easy to see why employers large and small are holding off on investing and hiring.

That's why House Republicans have worked over the last year to offer common-sense solutions to get these employers off the sidelines and back into the business of creating jobs. This altogether different approach to Washington Democrats' job-killing agenda includes: a "no-cost jobs plan" to break down barriers to economic growth and help small businesses create jobs; an "all of the above" energy strategy to clean up our environment, lower prices and, among other things, create jobs by harnessing Ohio's manufacturing strength to lead the charge in the construction of new, safe, emissions-free nuclear power plants; and the only health care plan that would lower premiums by up to 10 percent while increasing access to quality care. To learn more about these solutions, visit gop.gov/solutions.

As President Obama travels through our state today, he will hear from Ohioans who are saying "enough is enough" of the big-government agenda. Like the people of Massachusetts, Ohioans are waiting for a sign that the president understands their struggle and is listening to them as they continue to say "stop." A signal that he is ready to scrap Washington Democrats' job-killing policies and work with Republicans on common-sense solutions to get our economy back on track would be a great place to start.