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Over the last two years of Democrats’ one-party rule in Washington, House Democrats have not lifted a finger to engage in oversight and accountability of the Biden administration’s actions and abuses of power. The American people responded this fall by electing a Republican majority in the House of Representatives to stand up for their interests. 

Our majority will have the obligation and authority to conduct rigorous oversight of the federal government, including using the government’s vast power to attempt to coerce private businesses to act against the freedoms and security of our citizens. 

We will leave no stone unturned in order to deliver the accountability the American people deserve. Too many decision points in the government are made by agency heads and implemented by unelected and unconfirmed government actors – all of whom need to be accountable to the American people. And with gavels and subpoena authority in the upcoming Congress, we will use interviews, subpoenas, depositions, and hearings to expose the truth.

Below are some of the major areas of oversight our majority will pursue. These areas of concern are by no means exhaustive but because of our preparation – they will be our primary focus so that in 28 days, there will be accountability.

Department of Homeland Security and our Open Border Crisis

President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas are directly responsible for an open border crisis unprecedented in American history. Even worse, the Biden administration refuses to act and refuses to implement proven solutions that would secure the border. From deadly drugs such as fentanyl to over one hundred terrorism suspects crossing into our country, the border crisis has become a national security catastrophe. House Republicans will work to stop Biden’s assault on our laws, our borders, and our border agents. We will use the power of the purse and the power of the subpoena. Additionally, as Leader McCarthy has said, we will investigate every order, every action, and every failure to determine whether to begin an impeachment inquiry against Secretary Mayorkas. We will investigate:

  • Failure to protect the border and defend our sovereignty
  • Secretary Mayorkas’ sworn testimony that the southern border is “secure”
  • Formation of the Disinformation Governance Board
  • False allegations that border agents “whipped” migrants in Del Rio, Texas
  • Decline in ICE enforcement and deportations
  • Impact of drug trafficking on communities across the country
  • Impact of illegal immigration on federal lands

Big Tech and the Silencing of Americans’ Free Speech

Fundamental American rights are being threatened by the bias of Big Tech companies and their “special relationship” with government officials. We’ve seen Americans silenced, the truth censored, and viewpoints suppressed. House Republicans have a duty to ensure our fundamental freedoms prevail. We will investigate:

  • Coordination and collusion with the Federal Government and intelligence officials to silence speech
  • Twitter, Facebook, and Google censoring information and suppressing Free Speech
  • TikTok’s threat to national security and Paypal’s debanking efforts


In 2011, then-Vice President Joe Biden said, “[a] rising China is a positive development.” Today, the Communist Party of China is indeed rising – but it is anything but a positive development for America’s national security or economic security. House Republicans will focus on the threats we face from a rising China and how to protect and strengthen America for the next century.  

We will stand up a China Select Committee to investigate and provide policy recommendations on how the U.S. can win the economic and technological competition within the CCP. With respect to the CCP, we will investigate: 

  • Its role as supplier and producer of fentanyl and its failure to stop or control what is coming out of China
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Supply chain risks and vulnerabilities
  • Acquisition of agricultural land in America
  • Pursuit of advanced technologies at the expense of U.S. intellectual property
  • Exploiting U.S. investment to power the CCP national security state
  • Advancing its doctrine in U.S. academic institutions
  • Malign influence, coercion, and lobbying efforts at the state, local and federal level to advance their agenda
  • Spread of CCP propaganda and its covert threat inside the U.S.


Our national security must be vigorously defended, but too often we’ve seen the Biden administration put politics ahead of national security – endangering the safety and well-being of all Americans. House Republicans have a duty to ensure the government is protecting its citizens and not selling them out to special interests in the name of woke identity politics. We will investigate:

  • TikTok ongoing negotiations with the Biden Administration’s CFIUS that could allow data mining by the CCP
  • Military leadership’s woke priorities and allocation of resources damaging our national readiness
  • Use of military resources to publicly criticize American citizens
  • Audit of defense spending and foreign aid; including but not limited to Ukraine aid
  • Election integrity
  • Security failures and ongoing vulnerabilities in the U.S. Capitol

COVID Origins 

House Democrats never held a hearing on the origins of the coronavirus – even after they and liberal leaders forced failed lockdowns and mandates on Americans across the country. House Republicans will investigate where COVID originated, how it initially spread, and who potentially played a role in the virus’ creation. We will investigate:

  • CCP’s role in the spread of COVID and withholding information from the world
  • To what extent the American taxpayers have funded gain of function research in China
  • The collusion within NIH to discredit the “lab leak” theory and push natural occurrence against gathered data and evidence.

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden’s laptop connects President Joe Biden to his son’s corrupt foreign business dealings, and House Republicans will investigate to what extent this connection impacts our national security – including whether President Biden has acted in our nation’s best interest or his own family’s self-interest. We will investigate:

  • Impact of Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals on U.S. national security interests
  • Influence peddling and selling access to hostile foreign powers
  • Connection between the CCP purchasing American natural gas and the Biden family receiving millions of dollars from a Chinese business with close ties to the CCP 

Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal

President Biden’s disastrous and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan left the entire country – and indeed the world – in shock and disbelief. Worse, the withdrawal resulted in 13 new Gold Star families as well as horrific images that stunned the entire world. House Republicans perhaps have no higher responsibility than to investigate the withdrawal, learn exactly what went so wrong and why, assess the consequences for the future of our national security, and prevent such scenes from ever happening again. We will investigate:

  • Decision-making process that led to the chaotic withdrawal, including the decision to abandon Bagram Air Base
  • Intelligence failures that led President Biden to conclude the Taliban would not overrun Kabul so quickly
  • Consequences of abandoning an unknown number of American citizens in Afghanistan
  • Impact of the Taliban seizure of military equipment left behind in Afghanistan 
  • Impact on over-the-horizon counter-terrorism capabilities
  • Long-term geopolitical ramifications and their impact on U.S. national security

Washington Spending

Democrats’ reckless multi-trillion dollar spending spree has led to dire consequences for our economy – and for the budget of every American family. Massive spending has predictably led to higher prices while Democrats have not used their majority for any accountability or oversight of the funds. House Republicans will get answers for the American people about how taxpayer money is being spent. There have been no oversight hearings forcing the administration to account for the monies that Congress – through the power of the purse – provided to help the country navigate the pandemic. Every dollar must be accounted for and all spending must be transparent and justified.  

  • $1.9 trillion in ARPA funding
  • $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
  • $740 billion in “Inflation Reduction Act” funding 
    • Including $3 billion for implementation of HHS’ drug pricing plan
  • Wasteful PPP fraud and the Biden administration’s failure to prosecute fraud and prioritize repayment of the loans, including $80M to planned parenthood that the SBA has demanded by repaid.
  • CHIPS – the language of bill provides significant grants that Congress must approve and Congress must vigilantly monitor how past grants and allocations are spent to prioritize American excellence rather than feeding the corporate trough 
  • $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act


The Biden administration has replaced equal justice under the law with partisan politics above all else. Prosecutors should not have a political bias, and the attorney general should not be a partisan activist. House Republicans will investigate the investigators to tip the scales of justice back into balance.

  • School board interference with Biden’s DOJ and targeting parents as “domestic terrorists”
  • Politicization of the FBI to target political opponents 
  • Prioritizing investigating alleged “domestic terrorists” over child sex trafficking and padding numbers of actual domestic terrorism to achieve political messaging
  • Targeting of American veterans as domestic threats
  • DOJ’s misuse of prosecutorial discretion in ignoring violence and targeting political opponents 
  • FBI’s broad use of geo-fencing in data collection raising constitutional concerns related to fourth amendment protections

Education & Woke Ideology

Schools should educate not indoctrinate. Unfortunately, the classroom has become a battlefield where competing political ideologies, gender theories, and junk science wage war against the well-being of children across the country. Worse, the Biden administration has promoted harmful policies pushed by the far-left teachers unions that have restricted learning and funded radical curriculums that poison the minds of children across America. Students should be learning in the classroom – not over Zoom. Schools should focus on raising test scores. House Republicans are committed to empowering parents and ensuring the best education possible for America’s children.

  • Federal government’s involvement in promoting Critical Race Theory and other woke educational doctrines.
  • Lack of scientific justifications for school closures, mask mandates in school, and COVID vaccine mandates for young children
  • Legality of the Biden administration’s student loan debt transfer plan
  • The positive effectiveness of Republicans’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act endowment tax, including its impact on the rising cost of education
  • Department of Education attempt to erase scientific definitions of gender
  • Department of Health and Human Services promoting transgender surgeries and puberty blockers as necessary for children’s health without evidence
  • Violations of religious liberty and forcing doctors and providers from performing services that violate their conscience

Energy Production & American Industry

President Biden put America last on his first day in office by ending the Keystone XL pipeline and killing thousands of energy jobs. American energy dominance and affordable prices should be the top priority. Instead Democrat policies have sold out American energy security and American industry, leaving America dependent on energy from abroad and vulnerable to the whims of dictators from around the world.

  • Administration’s awareness and disregard that their policies would lead to energy price spikes
  • Decision points surrounding canceling permits that resulted in in job losses and energy insecurity
  • ESG regulations on American investment and business operations
  • Environmental NGOs’ collusion with Russia and China to hurt American Energy
  • Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) royalty rate scheme
  • Department of Energy’s electric vehicle component grants

IRS Politicization & Abuse  

The Democrats have politicized the IRS at every turn – from the Lois Lerner scandal where they intentionally targeted conservative leaning nonprofit organizations in an attempt to silence political speech they disagreed with, to grossly abusing 26 USC 6103, and failing to enforce confidentiality requirements of American citizens’ taxes. Stopping the abuse of power of the IRS is mandatory to ensure the return of public trust. 

  • 87,000 new IRS Agents and monitoring of Americans’ bank accounts 
  • Unlawful leaks of private taxpayer data to media outlets
  • Abuse of 6103 authority – handing over private tax information – without prosecution

Breaking the Swamp’s Bureaucracy

Across the federal government, Executive Branch agencies have taken the will of the people, as expressed through Congress, and ignored basic separation of powers principles to attempt to legislate and pass laws through the executive branch agencies. In the 118th Congress, the unelected and unconfirmed bureaucrats will be forced to answer for the damage they are doing every day to this great nation. 

  • Reasserting Article 1 priorities – demanding statutory language for agency regulations
  • West Virginia v. EPA follow-up with each agency, as the Supreme Court has provided a roadmap to reassert the major questions doctrine and force agencies to provide actual statutory language for rulemaking. 
  • Removal of gender-identifying words in agency regulations
  • Federal government’s remote workforce limitations
  • Ethics compliance across the federal government